Avanze Tech Labs CEO Auvese Pasha Shares His Thoughts on His Career and Why Collaboration is Key

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"I've Always Been Fascinated by Mortgage," says Pasha

When asked why he wanted to work in the mortgage field, Avanze Tech Labs CEO Auvese Pasha said it's about a near-universal dream. 

"The dream of homeownership across the world is a big one," he said. "It's probably the biggest financial investment that any of us make in a lifetime. Being able to aid that process is very fascinating."

Aiding in the process is exactly what Pasha, and his colleagues at Avanze Tech Labs, are doing by using artificial intelligence and technology to change how the digital mortgage process works. 

He said it was critical that the tech lab has a singular focus and should be tasked with studying how technology is assessed and valued. 

Pasha added that while the Avanze Group, the principal company, is focused on outsourcing and consulting in the mortgage world, Avanze Tech Labs is focused on core build-outs on such programs such as STACX, Abstract Now and a product in development for the servicing industry.

While noting the industry has evolved greatly over the past 20 years and the field is filled with great minds, one of the key differentiators between Avanze Tech Labs and its competitors is the operator domain knowledge to the technology environment that exists. 

Pasha said Avanze has changed the thought process when it comes to the talent it acquires, no longer having the mindset that they only need to be a product company. "We've flipped that coin, and we said the base requirement is to be a technologist anyway, but what you need … is to have domain experience," he said.

He continued, saying their approach is akin to "Jurassic Park," mixing items together to get the outcome you want. 

"You use frog DNA and mix with dinosaur DNA to create whatever they did," Pasha said. "We're doing operator DNA plus the technologist DNA to combine with what we have in Avanze Tech Labs, which I think would be the key differentiator."

However, Pasha said Avanze Tech Labs believe in partnering with industry leaders when they do not need to build a solution from scratch.

"We like to collaborate," Pasha said. "If there are great tools that are available in the industry that can be put together and can help propel a product even further, we will do exactly that."

He added that there are multiple ways to work with industry leaders, the goal is to collaborate with a partner and bring pieces of technology together that complement each other. Pasha said this approach was used in the OCR function in the STACX platform.

"We know there are a lot of companies out there that are focused on OCR every single day," he said. "If I can leverage that to improve the service we can provide through STACX, that's a win."

Pasha said Avanze Tech Labs partners with multiple OCR vendors to not only leverage their technology, but to also build an OCR hub that enables our clients to choose the best fit for the functionality they are seeking. 

Looking back on his career, Pasha said he was lucky to learn a lot, quickly and from great colleagues in different aspects of the industry.

At Sourcepoint, or ISGN, he went from the title world ("It's very different when you have the ownership of signing these documents and you're issuing policies based on your evaluation of the property and the owners") to appraisal management ("one of the best fields… to me, it's an all or nothing field. You have to spend all of your energy to transform the appraisal management process") and then to manage on the service side of the industry.

"My knowledge in title, plus my knowledge in appraisal, almost lends itself naturally to learn about origination and servicing because I already knew key vendor processes supporting the industry," he said. "So you can call it almost incremental learning and growth over my last 12 years."

The keys to his success, he said, are two simple practices that take commitment to follow: Being responsive, and listening.

"Listening applies to both clients and your team members," he said. "The best ideas and the best responses come from the unexpected places. So being able to listen -- truly listen -- you may or may not like what you hear but sometimes they're actually the right answers."

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